The psychology of making mistakes

When I popped into my local book shop a couple of days ago, one book immediately caught my eye. (The cover is very effective – see photo!).

The book: “Being Wrong”, by Kathryn Schultz.

I have got to the end of Chapter 1, and have been savouring every page – it is funny but also thought-provoking. For anyone who is interested in the psychology, philosophy and history of human error, and who also enjoys a good chuckle, I would recommend this book. Excerpts:

“Of all the things we are wrong about, the idea of error might well top the list” (pg 5), (the book) is built around stories of people screwing up, stories (about) illusions, magicians, comedians, drug trips, love affairs, misadventures on the high seas, bizarre neurological phenomena, medical catastrophes, legal fiascos, some possible consequences of marrying a prostitute, (and) the lamentable failure of the world to end (pg 17).
There is also mention of the disastrous impact of always needing to be right on our relationships and that “this applies equally to relationships among nations, communities, friends and relatives” (pg 9).
I am certainly looking forward to reading the rest of the book!

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