About Us

In our view being motivated to make a change is the most important factor in achieving a successful outcome in therapy. In holding with the tenets of Positive Psychology, we believe strongly that each person already possesses the necessary personal strengths to overcome their problems – our role is to aid and facilitate the process of self-discovery, personal growth and skill enhancement.

Personalized Approach

I am a mature, experienced psychotherapist who believes in a personalized, practical solution-focused approach. My practice charges medical aid rates to clients on medical schemes and I also offer a discounted rate to individuals who elect to settle with me directly at the time of each session. I also offer discounts to students who are self-supporting.

I invite you to read more about the focus areas of our practice. However, it is important to keep in mind that that these areas rarely exist in isolation. In many cases clients find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what the problems are. Therefore, one important aspect of my work with clients is to initially provide a comprehensive assessment. This will help the client clarify the nature and extent of the issue. The assessment will give an idea of what can be done to resolve his or her problem or to bring about a change and/or improvement. This also applies to my work with couples.


My rooms are situated at 24 Roseville Road, Claremont and 40 Hopkirk Way, Glencairn, Simon’s Town.

Please contact me at for further information or to arrange an appointment.