Depression Counseling and Treatment


Are you feeling generally despondent, fatigued and lethargic? Do you find that your thoughts are constantly focused on the negative aspects of life? Does everything tend to look bleak and hopeless? Are you sleeping a more than nine hours a day or are you suffering from insomnia? Are you tending to withdraw socially? Are you finding that activities and hobbies that you once found enjoyable and fun are no longer giving you any pleasure? Are your energy levels and libido quite low? All these are signs that you might be suffering from depression.

When you are depressed you usually lack the motivation to do anything about it. Family members and friends are often not able to empathize someone who is depressed It is a difficult state to understand if you have not personally experienced it Often their advice is to “pull yourself together” – of course this advice is useless at best and can actually be harmful as it can make you feel  misunderstood and isolated.

Current research has consistently found that the best treatment for mild to moderate depression is psychotherapy, especially cognitive behavioral therapy. Exercise has been found to be beneficial as well. In severe cases of depression, a combination of psychotherapy and medication is some times recommended by doctors.

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