Anxiety Treatment, Panic Attacks and Phobias


Do you suffer from anxiety? Are you constantly worrying about things? Do you find yourself endlessly thinking about bad things that might happen to you or to others that you care about? Do your thoughts tend to begin with “What if…? And you imagine a number of possible dire consequences! Is there something coming between us?

People who tend to be anxious often also experience a variety of physical symptoms such as heart palpitations,  stiff shoulders, frequent tension headaches and “butterflies” in the stomach.  When an individual becomes aware of these physical sensations this tends to cause further worry and anxiety!

While some people tend to worry about almost everything (this is called generalised anxiety), other people may have specific anxieties and fears, such as phobias. Individuals who suffer from anxiety tend to avoid the things that make them anxious. Although this strategy tends to alleviate their anxiety in the short term, it is counterproductive as the anxious person’s life becomes more constricted the more they avoid situations, and their anxiety remains intact! Sometimes a person is aware that their anxieties are counter-productive. Anxieties get in the way of a spontaneous, happy ad fulfilling life, whilst someone else may (often unconsciously) jealously guard their propensity to worry. They see it as normal for them and may even believe unconsciously that by being constantly vigilant they can protect themselves better from life & dangers!

This strategy however, tends to do more harm than good – anxious people tend to live defensively, avoiding challenging and difficult situations. Ultimately they find that they not only remain anxious but also start to feel depressed as they tend not to be living life to the full.