What do you do if you experience erectile problems? The psychology of sexual dysfunction and risks of a medical model of treatment.

Why thirty six hours of freedom can lead to a lifetime of sexual insecurity!

A recent ad on the radio for a variant of the “little blue pill” suggests that as soon as a man experiences the first hint of erectile problems he should not worry about identifying a cause (or causes) but should immediately go to his doctor for a prescription.

I believe this is shortsighted and extremely dangerous psychologically! (I am not saying that this type of medication has it’s place – what I am suggesting is that it is important that a full medical and psychological assessment be undertaken first).

An erection failure is invariably a highly stressful and anxiety-provoking event, often causing an immense sense of insecurity and self-doubt. Unless this is addressed through counselling or psychotherapy, the anxiety and doubt will remain, making it extremely difficult for the individual to take the chance to “fly solo” again, without the “help” of medication.

What impact will this have on one’s self-esteem and confidence!?

I therefore strongly suggest that anyone who is experiencing sexual problems first get themselves checked out, both medically and psychologically, and then, whether or not medication is considered, that a course

of counselling or psychotherapy be taken – not necessarily on a full stomach!


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