Why seeking mediation is a good option for resolving family conflict

A mediator is a professional who is specialised in defusing conflict between various people such as family members. A mediator is free from bias and will be able to help resolve conflict without involving his or her own personal feelings. Read more about why you should seek mediation to resolve family conflict:

Find solutions

Having an outsider helping resolve conflict may bring light to the situation and allow the family to see the conflict from a different point of view. The mediator will then be able to summarise options as to how the family members could proceed. Whether or not family members then choose to follow through on their chosen course of action is completely up to the individuals. Either way, the potential solution will be spoken about so that the parties may attempt to resolve the conflict.


Maintain relationships

Mediation is an excellent option to maintain relationships with family members by resolving conflict. The goal of mediation is to facilitate the resolution of conflict and tension between parties. Once the conflict has been resolved, the tension between the family members will be reduced which will allow them to move forward and rebuild their relationships.



Mediation involves the use of an impartial person. This is important for the resolution of family conflict because the mediator has no emotional connection with the parties involved. Seeking help from a friend or another family member may exacerbate conflict or tension because it is likely that a friend or family member will be biased in some way. Contact a mediator to get the help you need to resolve family conflict and to rebuild relationships.

If you are in the Western Cape you can find a list of accredited mediators on the website of the Family Mediators of the Cape(FAMAC).

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