Cape Town Psychologist reflects on: Comfort Zones – are the always bad?

I know I did say I was going to talk about couple counselling and in-laws in my next post, but then I got to thinking about comfort zones, so I decided to talk about this topic first.

Say you are in a really good place in your life at present – everything is going well, you may have even achieved most of the goals that were important to you. Your health is fine, you don’t have any problems to speak of and can’t even identify many (or any) items to tick off on your bucket list…..

You are happy and content with life!

But perhaps there is a nagging thought somewhere that this maybe isn’t right – aren’t you supposed to be contantly motivated to achieve new goals, and if this is not the case, is there something wrong? Is it perhaps undiagnosed depression?

I have had clients who present with this type of quandary, but of course many people who are in this type of mindspace do not come to see a psychologist as they are not motivated to do so!


So is this a problem?


In the Western World we are socialised from a very young age to believe that continual striving for excellence is the way to go. After all, no-one would be interested in competitive sports or in doing well at school if this wasn’t the case and the human race would not produced such wonders as air travel and the ipad!

But, on an individual level, is it OK to get the point where your only goal is to not have any other goals?


I would appreciate your thoughts!






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