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The advantages of on-line psychotherapy and counselling.

Online psychotherapy is an effective and accessible means of accessing psychotherapy and counselling, especially during the Covid – 19 lock-down.

Why on-line therapy and counselling is such a bonus!

A hot topic on psychotherapy forums at the moment is on-line therapy, which comes as no surprise. Many of us psychologists have used skype and face-time for psychotherapy sessions for quite some time, for clients who are in other cities or countries. However,  now due to the Covid 19 lock-down we tend to be looking at moving the majority of our sessions on-line.

Of course on-line therapy has its challenges, such as establishing and maintaining strong emotional rapport when physically separated, privacy and confidentiality concerns and other logistical issues, to name a few.

However, most of us are so used to, and comfortable with, relating to family and friends via skype, whatsapp and facetime that one soon becomes comfortable with this mode of therapy, I have found, as long as one’s internet connection is stable and reliable, on-line therapy can be very effective.

The advantages of on-line therapy

Of course, the obvious advantages are that you can consult with a psychologist from anywhere in the world, from the convenience of your home. This is particularly ideal at the present time of general lock-down, when anxiety levels, depression and stress are at an all-time high globally, due to the general uncertainty and our fears for our own health and the health and welbeing of all the people we care about.

Another advantage is the flexibility aspect. Psychotherapy and counselling sessions can be scheduled at any time at the convenience of the therapist and the client. I have found it convenient, with some of my clients, to schedule shorter, more frequent sessions at the moment, to support clients more often and regularly, which has become really important, especially for individuals who are living alone and/or have little social support. 

Other people who can and do benefit from online therapy during the corona virus epidemic are individuals who are battling to cope with isolation, particularly those with mental health issues and any time of addiction. 

Couples who are in unhappy relationships, where there is a great deal of conflict at home can also benefit from attending on-line counselling and mediation sessions. Extended periods of isolation will tend to exacerbate relationship problems so it is advisable to deal with anger and relationship issues before they escalate. 

If anyone has any questions regarding the practicalities of online counselling, please let me know.

Best wishes to you all!




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