Couples: What is the key to a happy and fulfilling relationship?

I believe it involves being emotionally tuned in to your partner! And of course it needs to go both ways!

Unfortunately, being able to tune in to one’s partner doesn’t always come naturally and easily, except during the early, heady days of the relationships when you are both madly in love!

This becomes particularly difficult when partners are at loggerheads over entrenched issues and goodwill between the couple has eroded away over time. The way in which couples communicate with each other is often a yardstick of relationship health and the depth of intimacy the couple enjoy. If couples are emotionally attuned they tend to have high levels of intimacy and relationship satisfaction.

So how do you go about becoming more emotionally attuned to your partner?

It all boils down to empathy!

I will talk more about empathy in future posts.



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